. . . Display Systems & Panels


Little Genie offers an easy to use, easy to carry Display Stand for all your Display needs, like :

    - Exhibitions
    - Trade Shows
    - Presentations
    - Conferences
    - Office / Showroom


This system is particularly useful in the following situations -

    - where there is only one person to do all the running around at the exhibition

    - business is looking for economical display solutions

    - where Sales reps have to make presentations to small groups


Little Genie will also design and print the Panels for the display system in addition to catering to your other indoor and outdoor display needs like

     - Banners

    - Window dressings ( Showroom, Cars, etc.) 


Looking for Attractive yet Economical   Display System for Exhibitions?

Little Genie offers

Display System with Panels starting as low as


$ 1000

Tired of dealing with 'printers' - want to work with someone who understands you?
At Little Genie, we will not just ask what you want, but will also suggest what would work well .... our professionals will understand you faster - deliver faster ... thereby saving you time and money